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Management in Non-Hierarchical Situations

Overview Professionals often face the responsibility of completing a project or managing others without having the necessary authority or tools to do it. Harnessing the skills to effectively influence others can be the difference between success and failure.

Training Objectives
-  Understand and use non-hierarchical management
-  Apply influence strategies to gain commitment from others and foster collaboration
-  Become more influent and persuasive in a non-hierarchical situation
-  Achieve goals by enhancing trust and cooperation
-  Use knowledge and competence rather than position and status to influence others
-  Motivate people to cooperate in a non-hierarchical situation

Who Should Attend
Managers, project managers and individual contributors who want to influence others in non-hierarchical situations without using authority to achieve their goals

Course Benefits
-  you’ll learn how to manage your colleagues
-  you’ll develop your communication skills
-  you’ll understand how you impact others
-  in this course, through practice sessions, case studies and role-playing activities, you acquire the specific skills, behaviours and attitudes necessary to achieve desired results without relying on the use of authority

Additional Information
Course Duration: 2 days
Place: Russia (Moscow and the regions), Ukraine (Kiev and Kharkov) and France
Language: Russian, Ukrainian, French and English

3 rue Duguesclin
35000 RENNES
Tél : 02 99 79 28 82
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