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Effective Delegation

Training Objectives:
-  Understand what delegation is and when it should be used
-  Identify delegation tools
-  Encourage your people to be more responsible
-  Make your team work effectively together

Who Should Attend
Managers who want to know how to delegate responsibilities and get more time to work on their important opportunities and to allow the employees they supervise to grow and be more responsible.

Course Benefits
-  you’ll find out what the talents and interests of your people are and you will be able to delegate more intelligently and effectively
-  you’ll strengthen your position of a manager
-  you’ll give your employees opportunities to broaden their horizons and become more valuable to the team
-  through practical workshops you’ll learn the basic guidelines to help you delegate more effectively

Additional Information
Course Duration: 2 days
Place: Russia (Moscow and the regions), Ukraine (Kiev and Kharkov) and France
Language: Russian, Ukrainian, French and English

3 rue Duguesclin
35000 RENNES
Tél : 02 99 79 28 82
2 Villa Juge
75015 Paris
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